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Pre-schoolers Montessori Program For Ages 3 Years and over

Children from 2 years of age will be guided to understand that in a social group there are certain normalities that need to be respected and followed such as putting things back in their place, working through a book page by page, completing tasks, not disturbing others at work and keeping their environment tidy.

To make the philosophy of social education a practice, children will be introduced to practical life activities such as using food utensils, pouring water, squeezing oranges, greeting people and so on. Children will gain a better control of movement whilst developing exceptional ‘Care of Self’, ‘Care of Environment’, ‘Grace’ and ‘Courtesy’.

These are essential life skills that will help them to achieve a social maturity. At the same time it will also challenge them to concentrate and to complete a cycle of work which will result in the feeling of satisfaction and confidence.

Our sensorial material will give the child experience initially in perceiving distinctions between similar and different things. Later the child will learn to grade a set of similar objects that differ in a measurable way such as first to last, largest to smallest, least to most or lightest to heaviest.

In a Montessori prepared environment, a child is free to work independently on any activity they have chosen according to their interest.

Learning situations and materials will be offered to the child on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. This will enable the children to learn collaboratively and achieve the highest outcomes.

By the time our pre-schoolers turn 4 and 5 years of age,they will learn to write spontaneously, work with numbers and quantities in the 1000’s, complete addition, gain geographic, cultural, scientific knowledge and much more by using concrete materials.

Our finest and well-rounded education will give children the best start for school and in life!


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    The centre offers 26 places for the general community

    To register your interest or apply for a placement at the centre, you will need to complete our online Wait List Application Form.

Operating Hours

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    The centre opens from Monday to Friday, 7.00am to 5.30pm.

    Montessori EDU Early Childhood Centre closes on public holidays and for a short period over the Christmas/New Year break.


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    The Child Care Subsidy can be claimed to assist with the cost of these fees.

    Child under 3 years $113
    Child over 3 years $110
    The Child Care Subsidy can be claimed to assist with the cost of these fees. For more information, please visit familyassist.gov.au

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